. . . Shamanic Digital Art

These images are AI generated art. A computer program (Microsoft Bing) has created a database of millions of images, and with input of writing prompts will create an image. Are these images original? This depends on your take on art and how much art is derived from other images and how much the artist creates with their own original vision. I was a fine arts major undergrad, and took four semesters of life drawing, along with painting, printmaking, stained glass, marble sculpture and many art history classes. I learned techniques used for hundreds of years to make my "original" work, and it did always seem to have my own signature, whether I planned that or not. I am not sure what I think about AI art, but I do know it can make some magnificent and interesting images. I asked my partner (a patent attorney) if these images were copyright-able, since they are derivative. He thinks one day in the future the AI companies will claim to own all the copyrights of any art generated by their programs. For now, I am sharing this AI art I have generated, with this disclaimer that I know it has been generated from millions of hours of work done by other artists in the past plus my original words. The debate will continue what constitutes original work. And who owns that work.