. . . One Whale of a Tale

I wrote and illustrated this 44 page children's book in 2014. 

One Whale of a Tale supposes a mythological reason for remarkable whale evolution.  I was amazed when I learned that the pre-whale creatures left the oceans for the land, then returned.  (This was a process that took 30 - 50 million years.) This curiosity inspired a tale of a baby whale wondering why it happened, and getting a beautiful answer from an Octopus. Also included is a summary of the real science behind whales' evolutionary process for parents to read to their children (and themselves.)

Through a Kickstarter campaign, $2617 was donated to print books for distribution to inner city children.  The Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, an outreach educational program at University of Colorado Boulder, and La Casa Quigg Newton Community Health Center in Denver are distributing this book to promote literacy. 

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