. About Me .

I make pottery, and design books and illustrate them.

I studied Fine Arts and Architecture at the University of Maryland for most of the 80′s (M.Arch., B.S. Architecture, B.A. Fine Arts), raised a family while pursuing my arts activism and teaching in the 90′s, and fell in love with using the computer as a medium in mixed media art and communication in the 00′s.

Along the way, I taught all ages from preschool to retirees, including stints as an adjunct professor in graphics at Mercer County Community College in New Jersey, and directing an arts camp for gifted and talented kids. I had some art shows, wrote some books, made websites and blogs for myself and others. I am passionate about excellent design, I have designed for the textile and surface design industries, as well as designing books, jewelry, and the occasional remodeling project (a remnant of my architecture training.) 

I reside in beautiful Colorado, where I work from home and try to live as sustainably as I can, in deep awareness of our environmental footprint.  I practice Core Shamanism, and try to make my art reflect this connection with Spirit.

When I’m not in my studio playing with clay or teaching, I can be found growing herbs and flowers, knitting, reading, hiking, drumming, doing some yoga, making really good coffee, and occasionally dreaming of living in the South of France.

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