. Shamanism Case Studies .

Healing bad energy in a house: Jane presented the idea that she did not feel totally comfortable with the integrity of her house, and that her partner had significant doubts about the house and it's structural, electrical and plumbing integrity. We framed the question as "how can this house support Jane's family better, and is there anything she needs to know about how to make it a more supportive environment?"

I journeyed to the spirit of the house, and I got this information:

Spirit of North, Earth:

The garden is an important part of this house, and as Jane works in it and creates natural beauty there, her family will feel the energy of the earth and feel supported.  Just the act of gardening helps balance this element in the house and bring it into wholeness.

Spirit of East, Air:

all is balanced well here, but cleaning the windows a bit will allow in more light.

Spirit of South, Fire:

The heating unit/furnace needs to be checked for efficiency and maybe a filter replaced.  The energetic fire burning in this house is strong and supportive and stable for this family, but the act of checking on this will make Jane's partner feel that Jane has control over some of the environmental aspects of the house, and will allow him to trust it more when service people say all is in order.  The confidence he gains from her confirming that the heating system works well will make him feel better overall about the integrity of the house, and happier with her feeling supported by their home.

Spirit of West, Water:

There was recently a septic problem where pipes overflowed and flooded the basement.  The spirit of Water apologized profusely for this and said it felt so bad that this had happened.  It also assured me all was well with those pipes and the water table and that the flooding would not happen again.

Spirit of Center, Heart:

This part of the journey was very touching - the house is so glad to have Jane as the center and caretaker of this space, and it honors the love that flows through all living things in the house, including Polly the dog, and the two birds.  The energy of the house feels so rich with fullness of love, and it is honored to be able to support this wonderful family.  The house would like Jane each day to take time to stand on the ceremonial hearth (which is a small antique rug from her partner's family), and affirm the love that house holds for her and her family.  In saying this out loud each day, the feeling of support will be strengthened and made more real for her and everyone in the house.

I also had a vague feeling about the attic, but I did not know where that fit in so I failed to share it with Jane.  As she responded to each idea, the need for insulation in the attic came up, and I remembered that part of the journey - that in conjunction with fire and the furnace check, adding insulation to the attic would make that direction feel more balanced and everything work more efficiently.

RESULTS in Jane's words:

Thank you so much Emily.  It was really fun and gave me a lot of encouragement and good feelings about our home and it's potential for us as a family.  I appreciate the written report, as I might not have remembered everything . . . .

Tom and Mary have their house in the market and I came to do some clearing and ask for any information that would help this process.

I drummed in all rooms, and settled in the center of the house to get wisdom for the what would help the house move into new energy, attract new owners, and release old energy from the house.

The house itself wanted Tom and Mary to know how grateful it was for their blessed presense for ten years, and that it had been an honor to have them and their daughter grace it's space.  Tom is a musician and the house was vibrationally in beautiful harmony thanks to his talent and gifts.

The house needed only a few small changes to let go of existing energy - and recommended that two shelves of books be emptied, and this was mostly for Mary to let go of her attachment.  The house also thought it would be useful for the three of them to have a letting-go ritual in the house and yard, so they could move on with peace.

The house showed me it's very deep connection to Earth with roots going many hundreds of feet down, and it's strong connection to spirit with energy reaching up into the sky - and it was a strong image of the solidity of this house's place on the earth and how it will bless it's new owners.

There was some information the house wanted to share about the price being $200,000, which didn't really make sense to me, because the listing price was a bit lower, but I shared this information anyway.

Results:  the results in this case were powerful and quick.  Tom and Mary received two offers on the house the next day, and a little bidding war resulted. The real estate agent of the higher offer actually shared with Mary that the woman was actually approved for $200,000, so the house was giving us a little hint of the power of her contract.  Tom and Mary were thrilled with the results, and are now able to move on with the sense of the support of the Universe in this decision.

RESULTS in Mary's words:

After Emily did the drumming, her description of the energy of the house felt true and accurate to me, having lived there for 9 years. Her advice about ritual and things I could do to let go of the house more comfortably and cleanly were meaningful and comforting.  Also, there was a synchronicity involving something she said about the sale price of the house and an offer we received very soon after.  A very helpful and positive experience!  Thanks!

Terry presented the idea that her work space did not feel supportive, and that she wanted to know how to make it more productive a place to be in; how to get more done there. We framed the question as "how can this space support Terry's efforts in her work, and what can she do to make it a more supportive environment?"

I journeyed to the spirit of the office, and I got this information:

Spirit of North, Earth:
There are many books and other objects in this space, but only things that support her work should be here. Terry needs to hold each object, and if it is not supportive of her work, it needs to be elsewhere. No storage here! This means many books might need to live elsewhere, as well as any object not directly supporting the work that needs to happen here.

Spirit of East, Air:
The computer is connected to all other things and bringing in lots of information. This overflow of information interrupts the works and tampers with its progress. Air would like the computer to only be used for work purposes as Terry sets the right time aside for that. Other computer use can happen, but not during work time.

Spirit of South, Fire:
This office would like an altar somewhere, and on this altar there should be a candle. This candle should be lit whenever Terry is working, and while it burns, work should be the primary focus. As Terry does this, the fire and energy in her work will burn bright and she will be heated up in her success. Fire wants to see her work energetically spread and burn bright in the world, and especially as she dedicates her work to Spirit, the outcome will be powerful and she will be very blessed with strong results.

Spirit of West, Water:
Water is about Terry herself, as she is 70-80% water, and needs to stay hydrated. Water says Terry should bring a bottle of water or a good cup of something hot every time she works, and make sure she is taking care of her physical needs while working here in this space.

Spirit of Center, Heart:
Center/Spirit says Terry is doing such good work, such strong work for Spirit, that it will surely bless and honor all she does. But as she works with more intention and focus, the blessings can become more real. Honoring the directions with the altar, and making time to breathe in intention strongly and clearly each time before beginning work will make the space much more supportive of the editing and writing work that Terry wants to get done in this space.  Spirit is very excited to see the power of this new focus in the work.

RESULTS: In Terry's words:
While I am still working on getting non-work items out of the space, I have made two permanent changes. The first is that I always have water on my desk. I bought a water bottle just for this purpose and try to empty it every day.
The second change is that I have a work candle. When I am ready to begin work, I say a few words of thanks to and ask for the blessings of the four directions. Then I light my candle. It is a very focus-ing ritual – as long as that candle is burning, I know what I need to be doing. Being aware of the candle burning also reminds me to let my non-work web surfing wait until the proper time.
Finally, within a few weeks of implementing just these two of Emily’s suggestions, I received a new computer from my biggest client! Talk about focus and intention bringing in real benefits! I now have my own laptop and no longer have to share with the rest of the family.