. Shamanism .

If you are interested in having shamanic healing work done, either for person or place, I can help.  
I have studied with Sandra Ingerman, Dana Robinson and Beth Beurkens of the 
Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and I would be honored to work with you. 
In this work, we will hold sacred space, and ask for answers from Spirit 
for your home, health, happiness and/or spiritual path.

"Remember it is a Shamanic Journey, not a Shamanic Arrival." --The Spirit Teachers

Shamanism embraces the idea that everything is alive, everything has an innate spirit. There is a spirit in an eagle, a spirit in a tree, a spirit in a rock, even a spirit innate to your home. And with this belief that each thing has a spirit, we humans then find ourselves in a position of equality rather than dominance. Shamans don’t follow the laws of humankind; they follow the laws of spirit. They don’t seek to dominate the earth and its creatures; they strive to live in harmony and balance with all life forms and with the spirit of place.

Shamanism has enjoyed a resurgence of interest in the last twenty years. Many indigenous shamans have come forward in recent years to help train others and share their knowledge. Their prophecies have urged them forward; the time is now - we are at a crossroads in choosing to cherish and heal the earth, or continue on the path of environmental destruction.

Environmental Shamanism is the work that seeks healing for spaces, places, and environments, both built and natural. My background as an architect informs this work to help you create a healthy, supportive, more sustainable environment for living and working. I would be happy to work with you in traditional healing shamanism, or with environmental shamanism. 

For on site visits (house calls) my fee is $200, 
half payable before our work, and the balance due after our visit. 
(If this is a financial hardship, let me know your situation and we will figure something out. I am open to barter.)
 Plan on 2 hours at the place for which you need healing. 
I can travel up to two hours, so let me know your location 
so we can decide if a house call or working remotely makes sense. For a phone consultation - please e-mail me, sending your phone number and a good time to call you, along with your time zone.
 We will discuss how my work can help in healing for you or your environment.

For remote consultations, you can pay $100 for the clearing work using paypal. 
(Simply go to paypal.com, and click on the transfer money link and enter my address. 
There is no charge for a bank transfer, but if you use a credit or debit card they will charge you 2.9% plus 30 cents.) 
When working remotely, we will start with an initial consultation on the phone, with you describing the space you need work on. 
After I journey for you, I will e-mail you a detailed write-up of my results, and we can chat if you have any questions.

Read three environmental shamanism case studies done for clients.